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Closed Die Forging Parts for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Hot Forging Parts for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Dear customers: 
If you are working on a project, and need forging parts designed, quoted, tooled up, ordered and delivered to your door in good time with just one supplier, we will be that supplier for you!  We are committed to offering you the best values of customer-forging parts and our engineering, quality assurance, and logistics services here in the USA and Canada.
Competitive Pricing                                                                                   
Our quotation to you will be hard to compete by anybody in the world (Significant cost savings)
Rapid Quotation with 24 Hours
With PDF parts drawings, part weight, and quantity/usage, our engineers can complete your quote in hours!

Our Capability includes hot forging, closed die forging, upsetter forging, cold forging, automotive precision machining, X-Ray scanning for porosity and CAD & 3D Modeling.  
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