Award Winning Product of Invention 2016 by US Patent & Trade Mark Office
US PATENT NO. 9,127,477 B1
The time has finally come, we are proud to announce the roll-out of the 2017 new concept models of replacement latches for truck toolboxes & RV slam doors! The 2017 New Concept, New Generation Latches will be coming into the market in Feb. 2017. Check out the new amazing features below.

1. Will add stunning looks to your toolbox or RV slam doors.
2. They will make your truck or RV glow and shine at night time.
The intelligent solar lighting mechanism will guide your key insertion and help you see the inside of your toolbox or RV storage area at night time.
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2017 Models Replacement and Enhanced Aftermarket Latches
For Truck Toolboxes and RV Slam Doors
2017 New Model Truck Toolbox Latches RV Slam Door Latches Truck Toolbox Latches RV Slam Door Latches Truck Toolbox Latches RV Slam Door Latches
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Certificate of Product Invention 2016  US PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE
PN: ESSC-S-VTB002 Vehicular Toolbox Latch


1.    Comes with two keys.

2.    Stainless Steel Material

3.    Mirror Polished Finish

4.    One or Two Point Locking

5.    Universal Installation Hole Size

6.    Latching with Cam Locking

7.    Solar Lighting Package Installed.

8.    Size: 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 Inch

9.    Cam/Hook Locking

10.  1 and  2 Point Locking

11.  Paddle Handle Styled

12.  Locking & Non-Locking Versions

13.  Black Powder Painted Available

14.  Intelligent Lighting Chip Installed


4. Deadbolt Locking Style
with RV Slam Doors
5. Size: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2 Inch
6.  Solar Lighting Package Installed.
7.  Intelligent Lighting Chip Installed
8.  Customer Finish Colors Availabe


1. Comes with two keys.

2. Zinc Alloy Material

3. Black Powder Coating Finish

PN: ESSC-MS866-20-2A  Vehicular/ RV Slam Doors Latch