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Business Organization: Group Manufacturing Companies. Employees: Over 1,500. Design Engineers Over 100. Certifications TS 16949 (Automotive), ISO 9000. Location: PRC (USA locations in Akron OHIO and Fort Lee, NJ)
Our OEM product lines include industrial/commercial cabinet locks, vehicular locking hardware, automotive crankshaft and solar lighting products.
metal fabrication, plastic injection molding,  casting foundry , Iron & steel casting foundry, forging and machining PCB electric & electronics,  customer-manufacturing
As a local supplier of custom parts in the US and Canada, we take pride in our ability to serve customers as a ONE-STOP-SHOP engineering and manufacturing supplier for various sourcing/purchasing needs. Our organization includes a facility for automotive TS16949 certified metal fabrication plant, an ISO-9000 alloy casting foundry , Iron & steel casting foundry, automotive TS16949 certified forging foundry and CNC machining factory. With our fast quotation and door delivery services, our engineering service for designing custom parts, and our logistics/warehousing facilities in the USA, we are ready and well equipped to take care of your needs right here.
aluminum, casting, ductile iron, grey iron,crankshaft, stamping, casting, plastic, forging, cabinet locks, hinges, handles, laundry equipment,fireplace, China, OHIO, New York, PA, IN, IL, Texas, California, FL, GA, MA, MN, MI, NJ, MS, TN, KS, KY ESSC Group Inc. offers innovative engineering, low cost, high qyality manufacturing of customer parts of  stamping, casting, plastic, forging. and one-stop shop service for rapid quotes/quotation to door delivery in the USA and Canada " low cost, rapid quote/quotations, aluminum, casting, ductile ironcasting, grey iron casting, crankshaft, stamping, iron/steel casting, injection molding, hot forging, closed-die forging, vehicular door hardware, industrial cabinet locking hardware, locks, hinges, handles, latches, commercial laundry equipment, fireplaces