Fast/Rapid Turn Around, Cost Friendly & Competitive Manufacturing & Engineering

Fast/Rapid Turn Around, Cost Friendly and 

Competitive Manufacturing & EngineeringE.G.I. (ESSC GROUP INC.) is member of a privately-owned manufacturing group - casting foundries, metal forming & stamping plants, plastic & rubber products plant, CNC machining centers, hot-forging plant, products assembly facilities, mechanical and chemistry laboratories and a 5-layer printed circuit boards production plant. Our Engineering & Client Service location is in Bergen County NJ; and our warehousing-logistics location is in Cleveland, OHIO. The intent of such setup is to provide unique and complete services that are not limited in any way. Since 1987, we have been providing such unique and FULL service to our customers in the US and Canada who can rely on E.G.I. to meet all engineering and mass-production needs from products concepts to orders delivery – a long-term business alliance has since been formed.

Manufacturing & EngineeringAdvance Your Product Concepts to Selling Actual Products

In today’s world, no matter how complex your products are designed to be made of, in terms of different materials, forming processes, mechanical, electric, electronics, lab works, etc. we can be your one local service provider who NOT only makes it for you, but also delivers your orders to your door or that of your customers’. We always take delight in being connected with new businesses and individuals who are in search of a local service provider that can help to advance their product invention & development endeavors all the way to selling in the market with no time wasted. If you are reading this, and happen to be one of them, we can help! Send us an email at: Follow our presentation on E.G.I. registered & endorsed products of new design/invention in 2021 on FACEBOOK and
LINKEDIN or Request a PDF version.

Full Engineering Services

Fast/Rapid Turn Around, Cost Friendly & Competitive Engineering Drawing Service, 3D Model Drawing Service, CNC 3D Printing Service, Rapid Prototyping & Samples ServiceFast/Rapid Turn Around, Cost Friendly & Competitive Engineering Drawing Service, 3D Model Drawing Service, CNC 3D Printing Service, Rapid Prototyping & Samples Service E.G.I. offers a complete industry spectrum of product design/invention related engineering services, and often (required by customer) to be followed through by product mass-production and orders delivery. Our services are highly accommodating to different levels of product complexity, quality standards, and low-cost manufacturing options. Our services are cost-competitive and often most affordable to ordinary individuals and businesses. All engineering and mass-production services are fulfilled at one stop, and thus are fast turnaround. See details below.
- Develop Materials Standards
- Develop Surface Finish Standards
- Develop Electric/Electronics Specifications
- Develop Production Prints
- Develop Machining/Precision Tolerances Standards for Production
- Develop 3D Models (including 3D models for mass-production tooling) Watch 3D Demo Watch 3D Demo - Developing Product Quality Assurance Manual
- Provide Mechanical Properties & Chemistry Lab Reports
- Providing CNC 3D working samples CNC 3D Printing ServiceCNC 3D Printing Service Working Parts in Real-time Materials and Precision TolerancesWorking Parts in Real-time Materials and Precision Tolerances - Provide Product/Part/Component Mass-Production on Orders
- Provide Warehousing for Orders Shipments
- Provide Door-Delivery Service to Client-Designated Locations

Product Assembly

Products Assembly

After having engineered all components of your product concept, qualified all working samples, the next step is to assemble them into a perfectly working product exactly as you dreamed of. Our MFG. Assembly facilities, with a combined 256,000 sq ft can be used to process final-assembly of your product in mass-production quantity, AND quality assured for optimal performance in high-volume quantities to meet your market demand. What you see above, is a success example of an automotive accessories at SEMA in the US.

Follow our presentation on E.G.I. registered & endorsed products of new design/invention in 2021 on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN or Request a PDF version.

If you or your organization have such need, reach out to us. We will be glad to talk with you to find ways to help you accomplish your product/business endeavors. Send us an email at:

Our 8 Manufacuring Facilities

Low Cost Manufacturing Service for Good Quality Products/PartsLow Cost Manufacturing Service for Good Quality Products/Parts

If you or your business are in search of a service to make or mass-produce component parts of, or an entire assembly of product of your design and concept; or if your business is just seeking low-cost manufacturing options, you have come to the right door! E.G.I. offers a most accommodating range of manufacturing options to meet customers’ unique needs. Our Manufacturing Production Facilities include Casting Foundries, Forging Foundry, Alloy Foundry, Stamping Plant, Injection Moding Plant, Toool-Making Plant, Machining & Secondary Plant, Products Assembly Plant

Steel Casting Foundry: Steel Casting Foundry: HIGH QUALITY does not have to be HIGH COST. Dedication to meet customers’ needs, professional and innovative approaches have been the driving force at E.G.I. to design and cast high quality custom parts at a hard-to-compete cost level today.
Our DISA automatic casting lines allow us to achieve an output completely optimized for customers' demand with very little labor cost. At the highest parts per minute rate, we can accommodate various customers in the automotive, rail road, mining, highway and other high volume industries

Metal ForgingMetal Forging: Our automated hot-forging foundry is capable of high-precision closed-die steel forming processess to mass-produce parts at low mfg. cost for customers requiring the greatest output and the highest industry quality standards.

More capabilities below... Robotic Metal Stamping Capability Sheet Metal Forming CapabilitySheet Metal Forming Capability Plastic & Rubber Molding CapabilityPlastic & Rubber Molding Capability Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Board Assembly Production LinesMulti-Layer Printed Circuit Board Assembly Production Lines Our customer service goes on...(Orders Shipping & Delivery) Your Production Orders Delivered!Your Production Orders Delivered! Send your Request of Quote to us by email at:

About Your Project

If you have a project in mind, and need help to follow it through, we will be glad to talk to you. Our consultation service is always PRODUCTIVE and COMPLIMENTARY.

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