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Engineering & Manufacturer

E.G.I. (ESSC GROUP INC.) is an engineering & manufacturing service provider for clients in the global market. We have been servicing corporations and individual product designer/inventors since 1987. Member of a privately-owned mfg. group (8 mass-production manufacturing facilities), our Engineering & Client Service location is in Bergen county NJ; and our warehousing-logistics location is in Cleveland, OHIO.

Our clientele profile consists of manufacturers seeking help in parts/products engineering development, mass-production and shipment delivery; engineering firms seeking fast turnaround working prototype samples, lab test facilities as well as mass production and delivery; individual inventors seeking help in taking idea/concept sketches to the next levels…etc. Follow our presentation on E.G.I. registered & endorsed products of new design/invention in 2021 on FACEBOOK and
LINKEDIN or Request a PDF version.

Full Engineering Services

Our service offerings include:
- Develop Materials Standards
- Develop Surface Finish Standards
- Develop Electric/Electronics Specifications
- Develop Production Prints
- Develop Machining/Precision Tolerances Standards for Production
- Develop 3D Models (including 3D models for mass-production tooling)
- Developing Product Quality Assurance Manual
- Provide Mechanical Properties & Chemistry Lab Reports
- Providing Production Samples Package & Reports
- Provide Product/Part/Component Mass-Production on Orders
- Provide Warehousing for Orders Shipments
- Provide Door-Delivery Service to Client-Designated Locations

Product Assembly

After having engineered all components of your product concept, qualified all working samples, the next step is to assemble them into a perfectly working product exactly as you dreamed of. Our MFG. Assembly facilities, with a combined 256,000 sq ft can be used to process final-assembly of your product in mass-production quantity, AND quality assured for optimal performance in high-volume quantities to meet your market demand. What you see above, is a success example of an automotive accessories at SEMA in the US.

Follow our presentation on E.G.I. registered & endorsed products of new design/invention in 2021 on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN or Request a PDF version.

If you or your organization have such need, reach out to us. We will be glad to talk with you to find ways to help you accomplish your product/business endeavors. If your company has such need, send us an email at:

Our Manufacuring Facilities

HIGH QUALITY does not have to be HIGH COST
Dedication to meet customers’ needs, professional and innovative approaches have been the driving force at ESSC to design and cast high quality custom parts at a –hard-to-compete cost level today.

The Art of Mold Design
E.G.I. team of mold design engineers work closely with customers on reducing mold cost and optimizing value of each cast unit made. 3D/CAD custom mold often examine and compare design modeling. options of cavity numbers, mold materials, teat treat options, casting cycle times, etc. to arrive at the most cost saving formula to cast high quality custom parts.

The Art of Sand Processing
Our automated sand processing production system maximizes the re-use of good quality sand to achieve cost control, optimized casting quality and full compliance of international environmental standards, all at the same time.

Our DISA automatic casting line allows us to achieve an output completely optimized for customers' demand with very little labor cost. At the highest parts per minute rate, we can accommodate various customers in the automotive, rail road, mining, highway and other high volume industries

Our Metal Forging Foundry, Alloy Die-Cast foundry, Gravity & Low-Pressure Aluminum Foundry, Metal Stamping facility, Plastic & Rubber Injection factory, Precision CNC Machining & Grinding Factory, Mechanical & Chemistry Testing Labs can meet our clients’ various needs and special requirements for the greatest output of mass production and the highest industry quality standards.

If your company has such need, send us an email at:

About Your Project

If you have a project in mind, and need help to follow it through, we will be glad to talk to you. Our consultation service is always PRODUCTIVE and COMPLIMENTARY.
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